¿qué pasa si mi gato come una salchicha?

¿qué pasa si mi gato come una salchicha?

Can you give sausage to a dog?

On the other hand, pork does not agree with them (especially the fatty parts), while rabbit is an acceptable meat for cats. Liver, if you like it, will provide plenty of iron. Minced veal is also acceptable.

Cats like this type of human food very much, but it is necessary to restrict its consumption governed by two main parameters: they should not contain pepper or salt in excess. The most suitable are turkey and ham slices, both low in salt if possible. These sausages will be provided to them exceptionally, even if they love them.

Fish should never be canned, since oil and salt are not good for our cats. Thus, always boil the fish or grill it without oil before giving it to them. Smoked fish are not suitable either, although they may like them very much.

I am not an expert, but my vet recommends that you can give them eggs, cat kibble (if you can calculate their age), green beans, spinach, raw or cooked chicken or turkey meat (without salt, just water). The important thing is that it is only once a day.

What cats can eat human food

Cats are particularly sensitive when it comes to food, here are some practical tips that can avoid an emergency visit to the veterinarian because certain foods could have serious consequences on the health of felines.

– Fish: raw, canned or cooked: If your cat is fed exclusively or regularly with these products, it can present a thiamine deficiency*. This vitamin B1 deficiency causes a loss of appetite, can lead to epileptic seizures and, in the most severe cases, death.

– Milk and dairy products: Certain adult cats (dogs too) may develop episodes of diarrhea when consuming dairy products. The cat’s intestinal flora is sensitive and the bacteria present in milk become less and less assimilable with age. Contrary to what is said, and despite the fact that cats seem to like milk, they should not drink milk, especially not in adulthood.

– Raw eggs: They contain an enzyme called Avidin that decreases the absorption of Biotin (a B vitamin) which causes skin and coat problems. Raw eggs may contain a bacterium called Salmonella.

Cats can eat salt

However, this premise is absolutely false, since humans, dogs and cats have different digestive systems and, as if that were not enough, the food industry manufactures its products according to the specific characteristics of each species.

Cats should not eat human leftovers, because our food has preservatives, condiments and spices that cats’ organisms are not used to or prepared to digest.

If you think that the easiest thing to do is to give your cat some sausages or slices of ham, you are wrong. Cold meats have a lot of salt and fats that are too much for a cat and will cause health problems.

Cats can eat rice

Cat food is a fundamental element in the maintenance of their health, just as it is with our own food. If we want our cat to be healthy and strong, we must provide it with the nutrients it needs. Being carnivorous by nature, its feed must have a meat base that provides it with the necessary proteins, as well as a contribution of taurine, an amino acid that is very important for it.

If we choose to provide him with a natural homemade diet, we must know that it will be somewhat laborious, since it should not only consist of meat and fish with some vegetables (this would be a deficient diet), but it must contain the essential components, such as taurine. In these cases we will have to consult with the veterinarian or a dietician specialized in feline feeding.

Some vegetables, including carrots, chard, zucchinis and beet, are suitable for cats. However, they tend not to like greens very much. They usually use it to purge themselves.


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